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Urolift For BPH: Should I Get Lifted?

You think you may have BPH issues, and you have filled out the IPSS questionnaire. If your score is above 8, your prostate is likely starting to cause problems.
You’re eager to get back to living life on your own terms, and you’re interested in Urolift.

So What Happens Next?

We’ll find out if Urolift is right for you!
After Dr. Rich Bevan-Thomas rules out prostatitis and cancer, he will talk to you about treatment options. He will discuss with you your symptoms and your IPSS score and evaluate the size of your prostate. Many men are tired of taking prostate medication or suffering from side effects, or they find that the medication never really worked. Fortunately, Urolift may be the perfect solution for their BPH woes.

Why Urolift?

The Urolift is the go-to procedure for men with BPH and smaller prostates. It’s a minimally invasive office procedure (no incision!) that widens your urethra and places implants to hold your prostate lobes in place. The implants keep the prostate from closing in and narrowing the urethra again.

Dr. Rich Bevan-Thomas thinks of it like opening the curtains in your house. Those little things that keep the middle of the curtains open are referred to as tie-backs, and that is very similar to what the Urolift implants do. They pull the prostate tissue to the sides and create a space for the urine to flow more easily.

Urolift delivers excellent results that are usually permanent. It preserves urinary and ejaculatory function with few adverse effects.

So How Does Urolift Work?

As a man gets older, the prostate grows and begins to block the flow of urine from the bladder through the prostate. There are many options to open this channel, as explained by Dr. Rich Bevan-Thomas throughout Dr.Bevan-Thomas.com. Urolift, however, is the least invasive of all of the procedures because it does not involve any cutting, heating, or destroying of tissue.

The Urolift procedure opens the prostate like the tie-backs for curtains, as explained above. By “tying back the prostate,” the newly opened channel allows the bladder to empty out urine better. Several little implants are placed in the prostate to open the urine channel.

There are multiple advantages of the Urolift procedure over other options:

  • Urolift is a minimally invasive office procedure usually completed in 10 minutes.
  • Most men do not require a catheter after the procedure.
  • Improvement is seen immediately and continues for up to 3 months.
  • Urolift does not affect ejaculation, unlike several other procedures and many BPH medications.
  • Urolift results in significant improvement of IPSS score, down almost 11 points from baseline. This is double and almost triple that of some medications. Dr. Rich Bevan-Thomas’ results are even more impressive.

What Are The Side Effects Of Urolift?

Men who have Urolift may experience mild to moderate pain or burning with urination, pelvic pain, urinary urgency, or blood in the urine. In most cases, these side effects subside within the first week.

What Happens During The Urolift Procedure?

On the day of your procedure, you will be given medication to help you relax. Or you can choose nitrous oxide gas for an additional charge. The procedure takes only 5 to 10 minutes, and you will be discharged after you urinate.

You will take medication for five days to minimize irritation. A week after your Urolift, you will have a follow-up appointment to make sure you are emptying your bladder well.
You can expect rapid improvement until your final appointment three weeks after your procedure. And that’s it! A week later, you will be able to get back to normal life with no restrictions.

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Why Choose Dr. Rich Bevan-Thomas?

Dr. B-T is not only a urologist; he specializes in prostate disorders and is a certified Center of Excellence surgeon for Urolift. He is one of few surgeons who can effectively treat BPH on prostates of any size. He offers both Urolift for larger prostates and Rezum for small- to medium-sized prostates. Both are in-office procedures.

If it turns out you aren’t a candidate for Urolift, he can perform laser TURP for a moderate-sized prostate or robotic partial/simple prostatectomy for a larger one.
Dr. Rich Bevan-Thomas began as a consultant for Urolift back in 2003 during its early inception and has been ecstatic to see this technology become so popular with men suffering from BPH. His expertise has earned him an invitation to participate in the Urolift Centers of Excellence program. Only providers with the highest level of training and experience with the Urolift procedure earn this certification.

So if you’re tired of your bladder dictating where you can go and how long you can stay, Dr. Rich Bevan-Thomas is your best choice. He can make your golden years less about exhaustion, urgency, and frequency and more about doing the things you love without worrying about where the next bathroom is.

If you haven’t yet met with Dr. Rich Bevan-Thomas, click the button below to Make an Appointment today.


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